Customize Phishing Assessment

Customize Phishing Assessment

With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats against individuals and organizations, it is increasingly vital for employees and management to understand their cybersecurity responsibilities in respect of how information/devices are handled and protected, as well as how attackers attempt to subvert physical security measures through social-engineering attempts.

Skill Infinity offers a practical, result-oriented, assessment-based security-testing service with comprehensive reporting to help organizations assess their security posture and whether security-investment decisions have been effective.

Our security-testing service offers various types of social-engineering-centric assessments such as:

1. Email-based mass-phishing assessment attempts targeting a client-provided employee list.

2. Spear-phishing or whaling assessment attempts against client-designated targets.

3. Physical intrusion attempts based on client-predefined objectives, and other physical/non-physical attack vector attempts against client-designated targets.

4. Conducting security-awareness briefings to defined audience based on test-results.

5. Gap analysis and recommendations regarding client's existing security awareness training implementation.

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